Domain Name Registration & Setup

ITSys Developments can supply your business with any available domain name, and an applicable web-hosting service. We carry out a domain name search to see if your preferred domain name is available, and if it is, we register the domain for you, and provide you with a suitable web-hosting solution for your business.

We are dedicated to ensuring that we find the best possible solutions to ensure that your online presence is built with your business success in mind. This includes finding the perfect domain name for your business, and then providing the ideal web-hosting solution to make the site available to the wider public. Once these important initial considerations are taken care of, the website design, content and development can be carefully considered and produced with the client’s requirements met, but all of this begins with the initial domain registration.

Secure Your Preferred Domain Name

It is important to advise us, as soon as you are ready, of your selected domain name so that we are able to check if it is available, and if necessary to suggest an alternative. Once agreed, we can set up the domain on your behalf and then link it to your web-hosting. It generally takes 24-48 hours from initiation of the domain and hosting to process before your website space is available to use. If required, we can register more than one domain name to point to your website.

Popular Domain Name Extensions for SA Businesses

Once you are ready to secure your website domain name there is a choice on the type of extention you would like, these include .CO.ZA domains, .COM domains,
.ORG.ZA domains, .NET domains, or .BIZ domains. Over the years South African businesses has built a great reputation with service delivery and a .CO.ZA is still the preferred extention for a South African business doing business locally or abroad.

Dot Cities Domains (GTLDs)

If you can image your business or brand with a Dot Cities Domain, then perhaps you would benefit from registering a domain name that incorporates the city in which your products or services are available for additional marketing value. Give some thought to the possibility of your company name followed by your city, and it will often roll off the tongue in a way that presents as a marketing executive’s dream. Perhaps even the industry that your business operates in could be available for the taking.

.JOBURG, .CAPETOWN, .DURBAN AND .AFRICA domains: Generic Top Level Domains, or GTLDs are best used for brands, company names, services or branches. Examples of domains using Dot City Domain names include: YourBusinessName.Joburg, Brands.CapeTown, Holiday.Durban,, etc.

Secure your domain and secure your brand - call us to register your domain.

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