3 Ways To Boost Engagement On Your Facebook Page

Facebook has more than 2.7 billion active users, providing businesses with the ideal platform to benefit from social media marketing. A Facebook page gives your business a great platform from which you can engage with current and potential customers who can learn more about your business and become loyal customers.

Here are three ways to boost engagement on your Facebook page.

Respond to messages

Facebook Messenger allows you to reply to customers' messages as your business through the inbox on your business page. Facebook Messenger is a great tool for engaging with customers, and Facebook even tracks the response rates and times of brand pages so customers know how quickly they can expect an answer from you. Facebook Messenger is attractive to customers because they expect a fast response, and many people are more comfortable live chatting than calling or emailing you. Make sure to respond as soon as possible to impress customers and build loyalty.

Offer Competitions, Give-Aways

It can be tough to drive organic traffic on Facebook, but regularly running giveaways and contests has been proven to help with this. By offering your followers incentives to share and like your page, they will engage with your brand while sharing it with some of those who are connected to them on the social media platform. For example, a clothing boutique may offer to give away a R1000 voucher to the person who gets the most friends to like and share the page or a specific post. The competition encourages people to engage with the page and get others to do the same.

Create And Advertise Events

If your company is looking to engage with your target market, creating an online or offline event could help. For example, a company selling bakery supplies could host an online cake-making course or event, inviting people to bake their cakes while following the instructions. A message or email can be sent ahead of time to those registering for the event letting them know what ingredients are necessary so that they can prepare.

The company may even decide to incorporate the competition aspect and give prizes for the best-looking cake at the end of the online event, promoting people to use a specific hashtag and post images of their cakes, driving engagement.

ITSys assists companies to create and manage their company social media pages successfully and professionally. We offer a dedicated Facebook for Business and Social Media page manager who creates professional posts, custom image designs, engages with your following, and moderates comments while you focus on running your business.

Facebook Advertising gives your business a positive social media exposure, and the marketing specialist ensures that the audience targetted adds value to your business.





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