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4 Digital Marketing Mistakes For Businesses To Avoid

Digital marketing has, in many cases, become the most fundamental form of marketing or modern businesses, with elements such as a website, social media channels and online marketing becoming increasingly important for the success of brands.

The shift in the last two or three decades to an increasingly digital world has meant that engagement across the online space cannot be ignored for any business worth its salt. Having said that, there are still many companies that do not take full advantage of this trend to their own detriment. Here are four digital marketing mistakes to avoid if you want your business to thrive.

Not Having a Blog

Having a company blog, even one that is fairly simple and not necessarily updated very often, can be a major plus for your business. Blogging can increase website traffic, build trust with customers and expand your company's brand, establishing you as a thought leader or a business worth following. Marketing is constantly changing and using blogs as part of a marketing strategy is one way for you to reach current or potential customers through your website and social media channels. Ignoring this form of communication with people who visit your site or social media pages is a wasted opportunity.

Avoiding Social Media

This one may seem a little strange, as most businesses appear to be on social media these days, but there are actually many that are not. Whether through stubbornness or early success, some businesses choose to avoid social media altogether, and that is a mistake. Social media is proving to be an essential way to turn online leads into customers. Sharing your content (such as your company blog), reaching your audience and engaging with users will help you promote your business online and build the kind of following that leads to more sales and new customers.

Not Investing In Online Marketing

This mistake is a little more understandable, as some businesses simply do not want to try out digital marketing such as launching a Google Ads campaign due to the investment that is required, but those that do soon realise that the return on investment is totally worth it. Getting quality traffic to visit your website is the ideal form of marketing if you are confident in your product or service and have a website that showcases your business in the right way. This form of digital marketing is often the shift that turns a growing business into a successful enterprise that sees demand for its offering surge.

Ignoring Mobile Users

According to Digital Current, an estimated 68.1% of users access the internet on mobile devices, and this number continues to increase, especially in Africa, where mobile is even more dominant. This means that you cannot afford to ignore mobile users when creating a digital marketing strategy. Digital marketing strategies should include a responsive website which is effectively mobile-optimised with mobile-friendly content and navigation. It is important to keep in mind that deploying specific mobile-friendly content such as newsletter, coupons and social media posts is smart, as most consumers have their mobile phones on them and prefer to interact with brands via their phones.

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