Choose A Trusted Hosting Provider To Safeguard Your Business

You can have the best website in the world, but if it is constantly experiencing downtime and unavailable when people try to visit it, your business is going to suffer because of it.

From potential sales lost to the damage to your business’ credibility, too much website downtime due to poor hosting services creates a negative knock-on effect that can threaten to derail your business growth.

A quality web host should ensure that your website can be visited and viewed at any time, without downtime that leaves people unable to see your website. When your site is down and unavailable, your potential customers wont be able to find your site and learn about your products and services.

If you’re running an e-commerce site or an online store, that downtime is preventing customers from buying anything from you and affecting sales.

A web host needs to be able to assure you that they are operating on a powerful server and stable network connections with a recommended uptime score of 99.5% and above. If the web host tells you that uptime is typically below 99%, that is an unacceptable number and you need to find better.

When issues pop up with regards to your website being down, your hosting provider needs to be responsive in terms of customer service and tech support. This one is the major issue that occurs with many web hosts.

When things are going wrong and you need to contact them to find a quick solution, many companies are nowhere to be found. In fact, a great web hosting provider should know that your website is down before you notice it, rectifying the issue directly with the necessary stakeholders so that you and your customers can visit the site again asap.

To find out about a web hosting firm’s customer service and tech support, contact other customers and ask them questions, or look for online reviews from trusted sources. Also ask the web host for their average response and resolution time to get a clearer picture of what to expect in such a situation.

By ensuring that your hosting provider is high quality and customer-focused, you can safeguard the availability of your website and protect your business.

ITSys offers a professional and reliable website hosting solution for clients. During domain name registration, we set up the applicable hosting solution which will become the new home for your website.

ITSys offer quality web hosting services to all clients.




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