Set Up An Online Booking Service For Your Business

As a service provider dealing with bookings and relying on people to book for your service or event, setting up an online booking service through your website could be a breakthrough that increases your company’s business. An Online Booking System can be ideal for your business.

Whether you run a hairdresser, a dance school, a travel agency, a restaurant or you hold workshops, having a digital booking system in place that people can easily access and make use of to make bookings online is a must.

You can decide exactly how basic or advanced you want the system to be, depending on the features and functionality that you want built into the system. Build a database of clients and make it easy for people to book for your service online.

At ITSys, we thrive on building custom online solutions for our clients, and one of the many online systems that we offer includes an online booking request system. Our bookings systems offer simple solutions for startups and more advanced solutions for experienced establishments.

This feature is a great addition for websites built for venue-based businesses such as restaurants, beauty salons and places of accommodation.

By having this functionality added to your website, your customers will be able to provide the required information to place a booking or make a reservation online, via your website.

The customer's information (name, email, contact details, reservation or booking details, etc.) will be entered, and that information will automatically be emailed through to your selected email address. A message will then be displayed for your client, informing them that the booking or reservation has been sent.

You can then decide whether to get in contact with the client via phone or email to finalise the booking or reservation at your convenience. 

Not only will these kinds of online booking systems allow users to book seamlessly and simply while the business is focused on other important tasks, it will give the users the impression that the business in question is modern and able to give their customers the best online experience.

This safe and reliable automated system will also save your business money, as it removes the requirement for additional staff dedicated to bookings that arrive via the online booking system.

A custom management portal will be developed, based on your requirements, to allow you to update workshop/accommodation options and get the maximum value out of your online booking system.

ITSys offer custom website solutions for all businesses.




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