The Latest Stats That Show Why Facebook Is A Powerful Force For Businesses

In a recent earnings call, Facebook revealed some facts and figures that show just how much the social media juggernaut has grown and exactly how many people and businesses use the platform.

During the call, specifics were revealed about the size of the audience that Facebook commands, how often those users visit the site and the number of businesses that have a presence on the platform.

Facebook says that around 2,7 billion users visit the site on a monthly basis, making it by far the most popular social media platform globally, with more than a third of the word’s population on Facebook.

Of those 2.7 billion users that visit the social media platform at least once a month, an astonishing 1.7 billion of them use Facebook every day.

That statistic alone shows that Facebook has a captivated audience that visits frequently and uses the platform often enough to notice brands and companies that advertise and engage with them on the platform.

Around 180 million small businesses use Facebook to connect with potential customers. Of that number, 9 million businesses and organisations choose to advertise on the platform, giving them access to a large audience through targeted ads that allow them to specifically advertise by area, age group and even by profession.

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