Five Upgrades Your Website Needs

Revamping and improving your website is important, as you do not want your site to become stale and look like it is not up to date and in tune with the latest technologies and trends.

Here are a few things your website could use to remain updated and modern in the eyes of your potential customers.

Professional & Responsive Website

Your website should be built to look good and be easily navigable on desktop, mobile or tablet, and this means that you need it to be responsive. This upgrade is important as many visitors to your website will do so from their smartphone or tablet, not only a computer.

User Friendly Navigation

To ensure that users can find what they are looking for, a user-friendly and intuitive website is a must. A visitor to your site should be able to find the section they are looking for within a matter of two or three clicks maximum. If this is not the case, you could use a redesign that ensures a better user experience.

Modern Look

The original website that was designed for your business five years ago simply will not cut it today and you should be making plans to refresh the look and feel of your website every couple of years. Your website is an incredibly valuable marketing tool that needs to be taken care of. A modern look will ensure that your website never looks outdated.

Upgrade Your Ordering Options

If your business website currently only has a catalogue or a simple products page with a general idea of what you offer, you can benefit from expanding your website with Online Ordering. Give your customers the opportunity to view and order your products 24/7 online. Your website is then able to act as your 'Online Sales Rep' and allows customers to submit orders even when your sales reps are not available.

Connect with the Social Media Platforms

Social media is an important part of communicating with customers, both current and potential, so including those aspects within your website is a smart way to market your business well. Connecting users with your social media pages through easy to recognise icons placed intuitively on the website makes good sense.

ITSys will assist you to upgrade your website to include interactivity throughout your website, showcase your product catalogue online, develop online applications, or link it to an online ordering system to enable credit card payment on an e-commerce website store. All these features will allow your website to enhance user experience and interaction with your business.





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