Use Great Images To Fine-Tune Your Digital Marketing

Images are fundamental to communication online and in digital marketing in general. No one wants to see endless paragraphs of text without any multimedia content such as images or video to help deliver the intended message.

This is why, the value of a great image when it comes to a company's digital marketing efforts should not be ignored.

Like everything else in digital marketing, a great deal of thought should go into deciding which images to use. It is smart to analyse the written or spoken content, listen to what your audience wants and, if possible, decide from a selection of options to determine the most relevant images to use.

Here are four reasons why images make a difference to your digital marketing efforts.

Increase Engagement

Using images within your digital marketing is proven to increase engagement. People want to look at pictures that they can share, and with social media becoming such an important part of the digital marketing arena, ensuring that images are part of your social media marketing will have a positive impact on engagement. Studies suggest that content with images receives up to 40% more shares than content without pictures.

Add Value Through Info-Based Images

As well as assisting with the structure of written content, images serve an important purpose in adding value to a discussion and providing further insight on a particular topic. To do this, you must include images that are relevant to your audience rather than generic stock photos that do not communicate anything of particular value. By using infographics, diagrams, graphics and illustrations, your content is strengthened and the audience enjoys purpose-built imagery that truly adds value.

Use Images To Give Your Company Personality

We are all visual people who communicate and think in a way that gives imagery a powerful place in our interactions. By using images of your company and the people who work within the business, you can give your company a personality and make it relatable. Research suggests that around 60 percent of consumers are more likely to contact a business when an image shows up in local search results. This builds trust and credibility, as the person searching for your products or services is able to visualise your company in a way that they couldn’t without the images you used.

Visualise Your Offering To Sell More

If you’re trying to sell a specific product, nothing improves your chances quite like an image can. Around 67 percent of consumers surveyed on an e-commerce site said that the quality of a product image is “very important” in selecting and purchasing a product. Being able to clearly see how good a product is made all the difference, and was even considered more important than product-specific information (63 percent), a long description (54 percent) and ratings and reviews of the actual product (53 percent).

ITSys specialises in custom web design, and has built professional and engaging websites for countless businesses across numerous industries. As experienced web designers with many examples of successfully completed responsive design projects, we understand the importance of images within websites, on social media and in documents such as company profiles.

We also provide professional social media business page management services on behalf of businesses that want to maintain an engaging presence on social media and interact with the online audience.

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