What Your Google Ads Campaign Management Service Should Include

Online marketing is an important tool to drive potential leads straight to your company's website, giving you the opportunity to convert quality traffic into sales, but your ad campaign needs to be run by professionals in order for it to be successful.

Many companies in this industry take advantage of their clients, charging exorbitant amounts of money without providing the utmost value that they can, leaving their clients disappointed with the lack of execution and success of the campaign.

Google Ads is one of the most successful online marketing tools available to website owners, providing the ideal platform for companies to run online marketing campaigns.

ITSys has been managing Google Ads campaigns for more than a decade for our clients - since the official Google Ads launched in South Africa. Over the years, we have perfected a strategy that will provide your business with the best return on your Ads campaign.

We employ experienced Google Ads Specialists who manage your campaign on a weekly and daily basis, to offer your website the best possible online success.

This is how it works.

Our Google Ads Specialists will strategically target users looking for your products or services to ensure that your online marketing provides you with the best leads to increase sales.

People searching for "inflatable pool toys", for example, would find your company and website if you used Google Ads to market your "inflatable pool toys" products through specific keywords and targetted online marketing.

Google Ads therefore offers a targeted approach to marketing which entails your advert being displayed when online users search for your products/services.

Google Ads is a pay-per-click system where you purchase keywords, allowing your website to be listed within the Sponsored Links at the top of Google when someone searches for your products or services.

At ITSys, we believe that all ad campaigns deserve the utmost attention to detail and focus on the desired outcomes that the business is after. This is why our Google Ads Campaign Management Service includes the following:

  • An experienced Google Ads campaign manager dedicated to producing a positive return on investment for your ad campaign.
  • Targeted keyword research which has been carried out and tailored specifically to your business in order to ensure a successful campaign.
  • Carefully curated professional adverts appearing at the top of Google and within Google Sponsored Links.
  • Top ranking in Google for your targeted keywords based on a carefully designed and continuously monitored campaign that is reactive.
  • Management of bids and tracking of your keyword conversions so that you get the upmost value out of the campaign.
  • Ensuring your campaign yields the best leads and return on investment on an ongoing basis, adapting to new product launches, promotions or seasonal changes in real time.

    ITSys has experienced campaign managers for Google Ads Marketing.




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