YouTube Launches New Features And Design Updates

YouTube, the popular video-sharing platform, recently rolled out more than 30 new features and design updates to help users get more out of the platform, which has become popular for businesses looking to promote their products or services through video content.

Here are a few of the key features and updates that YouTub released in October 2023.

Better Audio Control

YouTube says that it has launched better audio control on mobile devices with a feature called “stable volume” which automatically turns on to reduce jarring differences in volume, for an overall improved listening experience.

Speed Up To The Part You Want To Watch

Users on YouTube often want to use different playback speeds to find the specific part of a video they wish to watch. Videos can now be watched in double speed to enable this. When watching a video either in full screen or portrait mode, pressing and holding down anywhere on the player will automatically bump the playback speed to 2x. Once you get to the part of the video you want, letting go will put the video in normal playback speed.

The New You Tab

To make the platform more intuitive for users, YouTube have decided to merge personalised content in a single place, with the Library tab and account pages merged into a new section called the You tab. This is where users will find their previously watched videos, playlists, downloads and purchases, as well as account-related settings and channel information. The You tab can be found where the Library tab used to be on web, mobile, and tablets.

Better Smart TV Experience

Most people think about accessing videos on YouTube through their mobile devices or computers, but an increasing number of users watch videos on their smart TVs. For this reason, YouTube has modernised the YouTube experience from smart TVs, making it easier to navigate videos. On smart TVs, viewers can find details about a video they are watching in a new vertical menu that enables quicker access to features such as the video description, comments, the subscribe button, as well as video chapters.

YouTube says that all of their new features were shaped by the feedback received from viewers and creators, and form part of their ongoing commitment to make YouTube better for their users.

Social media platforms, and YouTube as a video-sharing site, can be very beneficial for brands and businesses.

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