Your Website Needs A Great Hosting Provider

Having a great hosting provider can be the difference between your business achieving success or failing. It is as simple as that, especially when it comes to the modern business whose activities often revolve around its online presence and e-commerce efforts.

For this reason, ensuring that your website is being hosted by a capable and professional company is fundamental. ITSys is an experienced Hosting Company offering deifferent packages to suit your website needs.

Excellent hosting is as important as your online marketing strategy and social media management, because that is the difference between having a website that is accessible and available to internet users the vast majority of the time, and one that experiences more downtime than up. Around 90 percent of users will not bother trying to return to your website if they find that it is down or inaccessible the first time they visited your page. Your competition will therefore benefit from your hosting issues.

This is a sign of unprofessionalism from the hosting company, and will heavily impact your business if you are reliant on your website being consistently available for e-commerce or ordering purposes, or simply to engage with your users on a consistent basis.

So how do you separate the professionals from those who are unable to stick to their promises?

When you choose a hosting company, select the business that promises you 99 percent or better uptime, but be wary of any business that promises 100 percent uptime, as that is virtually impossible. Do not simply trust their claims, but rather monitor a number of websites that a particular company hosts at various times of day on numerous days to determine whether they experience any downtime issues. A great provider will likely notice and fix a hosting issue before you even know it is an issue.

Trusting referrals is another smart way to ensure that the company you are considering for your hosting needs has a track record that you can trust. If you have partners, competitors, or family and friends that you trust, ask about their experience with a particular hosting provider. Hosting is not an expensive service, but that should not stop you from making sure that you get a quality solution from a provider you can trust.

ITSys is a top quality hosting provider with a proven track record of excellence and countless referrals to back that up.

During domain name registration, ITSys sets up the applicable hosting solution which will become the new home for your website. We offer a wide range of custom hosting packages at competitive prices to ensure your website is up and running as quickly as possible and with the least downtime.

Get in touch with ITSys and we will guide you through this process and provide you with the domain name and hosting service that is right for you.



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