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ITSys develops customised Online Quoting Systems for business websites, allowing you to easily engage with your potential customers. Our experience allows us to customise your solution to your needs. If your pricing fluctuate or you have custom pricing for dealers, you can stil showcase your products on your website. Allow customers to show interest in your products through an Online Quote Request System for your website.

Our Online Quote Request System allows your customers to request a quote through your website, with an automated email request sent straight to your email account for processing. Your clients can browse all your products or services via your online product catalogue, and request a quote online 24/7 via your website. Your sales team can then reply to your customers' request at a convenient time. Your potential customers will provide the required information to request a quote online. The required products or services and their relevant quantities will be specified, after which the client's information (name, email, contact details, etc) will be entered. Once the quote request is submitted, the information will be automatically emailed through to your selected email address (e.g. A message will then be displayed for your client, indicating that the 'online quote request' has been sent (after which you can provide the quote based on their request).

If this system is attractive to you and would enhance the flow of your business, contact us to discuss your requirements and we can develop your website to include this feature.

Automate your Quoting System

With our extensive experience, ITSys is able to upgrade your normal Quote Request to an Automated Quote Request System. Your products will be linked to an Online Database with pricing and can product a real-time quote to customers whilst on your website. Such automated systems can add great value to your business, removing the need to manually respond to each request, and can in-turn covert potential customers faster. An Online Quoting System is worth the investment when customers can recevei real-time quotations even after hours. Over the years, ITSys Developments has built hundreds of these time-saving systems for clients, all based on their specific requirements, making our system fit into any business.


Contact ITSys to develop your website based on your business requirements.

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